Sama Restaurant provides the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine boasting rich and diverse dishes which vary according to region and tradition, each with their own distinct flavours. With a large variety of dishes to choose from, we combine freshly prepared charcoal dishes, seafood specialities, roasted meats such as lamb and chicken, grilled vegetables along with nuts, fruits, herbs and spices, accompanied by rice.

Enjoy a relaxing dining experience in elegant surroundings with lovingly prepared meals all provided with warm hospitality and impeccable service.

Sama Function Room provides full course catering which seats up to 140 and is now available for hire 7 days a week, making it the perfect contemporary space for special occasions, business meetings or events. More seating is available in the garden area if required. For more information telephone: 0161 225 0263.

The Rampant Lion Complex has the benefit of its own large private garden along with secure on site car parking facilities of up to 50 spaces. Private car parking is also available for you to hire exclusively for your special day.


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Rampant Lion Complex
17 Anson Road
Victoria Park
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